We are dedicated to promoting our children’s emotional, physical and academic success through meaningful and constructive parent involvement. We are committed to providing volunteers and financial support for programs and activities that nurture and enrich the well-being of all students.

69th Annual Lincoln Carnival
Saturday February 3rd, 2018.


Ticket of Choice Pre-Sale
Purchase a bundle of 75 Ticket of Choice raffle tickets for $50
The tickets will pre-printed with your name and contact information and will be available for pick up the day of Carnival at the TOC tables in the cafeteria.


Bundle of Game Tickets
Avoid the lines when you arrive! 80 Game Tickets for $20
Tickets can be picked up near the front entrance but you must present your receipt (e-receipt or paper).
Game Tickets are 25¢ each and are used only for the games in the gym and classroom. These are not raffle or TOC tickets.

This is a limited time offer. Online sales end January 26th at midnight. Questions? Contact lincolncarnival@gmail.com

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